Silver Soul 7

Artist: matemi
Parody: pokemon

114 pages
118 286
доп поле скриншотов
Comments (24)
  1. AnichanXo
    AnichanXo 3 April 2019 23:18 Reply
    Frick I'm  addicted
  2. Lox
    Lox 4 April 2019 00:13 Reply
    Many fap
  3. nikolaas bedeur
    nikolaas bedeur 4 April 2019 02:47 Reply

    Best Comic Ive Ever Read
  4. Yes
    Yes 4 April 2019 04:43 Reply
    This is my fav and I've been reading since the beginning! Keep up the good work👍👍👍
  5. Kero
    Kero 4 April 2019 06:33 Reply
    Keep it up, I love tHe series! Also.... "FAP" "FAP" mhmm.... That felt great... Peace out..??!!
  6. Addict
    Addict 4 April 2019 15:01 Reply
    Omg it's fantastic
  7. cock sucker69
    cock sucker69 4 April 2019 19:33 Reply
    when i see these i read them first and  jack of later
  8. Guest Hupomux
    Guest Hupomux 6 April 2019 00:27 Reply
    Now, I am exhausted....oof. Keep it up !!!
  9. ImperfectBeing
    ImperfectBeing 28 April 2019 01:33 Reply
    May someone please tell me how these go in order (including the extras) please and thank you
  10. Hentai4Life
    Hentai4Life 29 April 2019 02:53 Reply
    Where, when and how can I get the next volume, for fucks sake
  11. Mmm
    Mmm 2 May 2019 04:49 Reply
    I love this series! First of all, this art is a thing of beauty. Second, this series actually has a plot line. Most of us hentai comic readers are forces to read hentai at the cost of a good plot line. Silver soul doesn't do that. It always delivers. Keep up the great work!!!

    P.S. I look forward to fapping to these sexy comics as they come out

  12. eixitnaf
    eixitnaf 6 May 2019 02:41 Reply
    Gotta say, outta all of the comics I've read on this website...yours is the best of all, I'd give anything to work with ya...if you wanna work with me or at least talk contact me at [email protected] and for the title say "silver soul author" or something....please?
  13. Hentai4Life
    Hentai4Life 12 May 2019 05:13 Reply
    Does anybody fucking know how or where I can get the next volume or even another bonus
  14. UnnamedUmbreon
    UnnamedUmbreon 10 June 2019 08:06 Reply
    im to emotionaly invested in the story to fap to anything other than the bonus scenes

  15. RandomPerson
    RandomPerson 20 June 2019 08:01 Reply
    I always read these first, then do my business later. I have to admit, these stories of yours are better reading material than fap material. That’s just my opinion so who gives a shit anyways 
  16. Мегадрочер
    Мегадрочер 22 June 2019 09:30 Reply
    Комикс  я читаю давно, он просто ох#енный

  17. Ijustmadethisacctocomment
    Ijustmadethisacctocomment 30 July 2019 07:38 Reply
    Same here unmannedumbreon
  18. Timur
    Timur 3 August 2019 02:28 Reply
    Нихрена не понял, но очень интересно.
  19. DrDrakofly
    DrDrakofly 5 August 2019 09:13 Reply
    This is almost too fleshed out! Great job!
  20. Русичи не забывают
    Русичи не забывают 7 August 2019 20:32 Reply
    Есть здесь те кто не дождался?
  21. A creature with an opinion
    A creature with an opinion 25 April 2020 01:14 Reply
    Me: *reads comic* that was such a great story! I love this series. Also it's made me horny with that great art. *FAP FAP FAP*.
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